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Digital Prepress Systems is based upon experience. We have prepress specialists who have been in the industry as long as 25 years. We offer a consultative approach to solving your prepress equipment needs. We have a unique ability to keep the cost of purchasing as low as possible by offering low cost, quality refurbished imagesetters, postscript RIPs, scanners, color proof printers and processors whenever applicable. Of course all of our refurbished equipment comes with an operational guarantee and a warranty. We also offer new Macintosh & PC workstations, prepress software, hubs, switches, servers and networking. Not only do we design your custom system; but, we can deliver, arrange for installation, training and after sales service. Digital Prepress Systems can even arrange financing. We take the "sting" out of starting or expanding your prepress system. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in the United States as well as all over the world.